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Daily Sketch 3. Space crawlers.

There you have it, some astronauts. There are some awesome theories of what would happen when you get lost in space. Astronauts appear to have some kind of jetpack system to fly back to the ship when they float away by accident. Second option to survive something like this is your colleagues. When they fail to help you you are lost. You will live up to eight hours before you run out of oxygen. But you will float with quite some speed around the earth so you will have a nice view before you die.
Second thing that could happen is that you rip a hole in your suit by accident. Well then you are fucked. It is not like you can do that much since you die in a few seconds. After you die in your suit you wil blow up up to twice your size because of all the gasses expanding in your body.
This last option is interesting to me since you probably are going to the first stages of decomposition anyway. You will increase in size anyway, it would be a logical to spot in space that your spacesuit is rather swollen because of the gasses. Maybe I will pretend it is possible that there is going to be some kind of biosphere inside the suit. You don't know what that astronaut was carrying on him before he stepped out of the ship.. All interesting stuff you can see tomorrow.