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Daily Sketch 2. Let's take a look in space...

Day 2 of my sketchbook journey. I was asked to draw a scene from space and I have to say, I never drew anything like that. So this is something I have to explore myself like an illustrative astronaut. I always liked movies and other Sci-fi stuff but never thought I would actually draw it.
At this point I am starting on a new chapter in my illustration journey. The sketchbook is a whole new way to try things. First thing I did is lose the well thought drawings, here I am just trying things. No one is going to judge me for this because I am just putting ideas on paper. As you can see I even picked up a whole new medium, and that is just BLACK INK and a paint brush.
This is a lot less forgiving and I have to know really well where I am going to put the blacks. Mike Mignola, Doug Tennapel and Kim Holm are both masters of this technique. Now I understand why they choose this, it feels free to use a brush and it is quick.
Tomorrow: more space suits and maybe even a spaceship. So no octopus this time! (maybe if you beg me to do it I will draw a space octopus battling some astronauts)